Chicken Recipe – For Hostelites

Just thought of penning down a simple Chicken Recipe that might be helpful for non-veg  Hostelites.

I believe, the introduction of Induction Based Cooktops have really made life easy for bachelor. So good and definitely  worthy to get one.

Pretty easy and helpful even for a beginner. May be you will need some iterations till you finally narrow down on the right amount of salt, spice, etc.


Chicken, Onions (half in proportion to the quantity of chicken), Salt, Green Chilly, Red Chilli, Red Chilli Powder (if you want), Ginger Garlic Paste, Turmeric Powder, Oil and some chicken/garam masala if you have.

I personally don not prefer to add Red Chilli Powder and my recipes mostly are devoid of it. Prefer using Black Pepper instead. No issues if you don’t manage either of them.


Add some cooking oil to the pan. After the oil is hot, fry some Red Chillies first and remove them. Add some chopped onions alongwith the ginger garlic paste, both in equal proportion,  and saute a little. Add the remaining onions to the pan and add some salt as per taste to it. Saute a little and cover the lid and let the onions cook for 10 mins. Later add the Turmeric powder and all the spices that you have alongwith Chicken and saute again to mix the entire content properly. Cover the lid and let the Chicken cook for 30-40 mins on low flame. On a induction top use 100 watts setting with time set to 40mins.

There is no real need to add water for the gravy. Right onion content gives the right amount of gravy, irrespective of whether you will be consuming with Chapati/Bread/Rice.

Wola, the chicken is ready. Confirm whether the Chicken is cooked properly and if needed cook a little more !

The recipe can’t get simpler than this ! Enjoy….



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