Restaurant Review: Malaka Spice, Koregaon Park

The weekdays lunch buffet deal @499 + taxes is a must try at Malaka Spice.

Visited the place on Christmas eve to celebrate my birthday with my wife. Simply fell in love with the ambiance. Probably for the first time had something sort of Candle-light-dinner with my wife 😀 However, I surely cannot define it to be a Romantic Dining experience, but surely very pleasing though.

Coming to the food, for the starters, the Lotus Stem Tengo was simply amazing . The explanations written in the menu – Sweet, Sour & Spicy, precisely justifies what one should expect from the taste buds. That’s what i refer to as perfect CHATPATA with the spicy aroma lasting a little longer than the other two on the tongue. The quantity served was also surplus, so I recommend to order only if there are more than two persons, so that you can try with more options.

The Stuffed Mushroom Parcels was also prepared very well.
We were already filled with the starters, and were on for a post dinner movie, hence had to jump to the desserts. The Fruits in Coconut topped with Coconut Ice-cream was simply amazing.

Looking forward to re-visit the place again for sure to try with more options. Pretty hard to find a good outdoor seating ambiance combined with good food in Pune. This is one such place for sure.

Re-visit : 8/4/15

With summer on the cards, they had their summer special menu this time around. So randomly picked up ‘Vegetable Vietnamese Spring Roll’ from the summer-menu. Definitely felt  the coolness in the system on consuming, so justifies it’s inclusion 🙂 The vegetable were really not crunchy as specified in the details, but the herbs in particular the mint, worked well alongside the rice paper to create the cool-magic.

The ‘Grilled Veggies Javanese’ from the veg-starters was really not that catchy and up to the mark and easily can  be skipped. Neither contains many so called fresh farm vegetables as well as exotic herbs, tofu being the major composition.

Based on the recommendation of the person serving us, opted for the ‘Top Hat’ veg starters. Simply AMAZING… Seriously an entity one should not really miss out on. The herbs alongside spicy minced vegetable stuffed in really crispy rice cups makes out a perfect combination for the taste buds. Highly recommended starter.

The last time I visited, really didn’t got the opportunity to go for the recommended ‘Three Aunties and Three Grandmothers’ , but not this time the same mistake. It is really an awesome entity to have. We had it with the ‘Thai Chilli Rice’, which in itself was pretty well garnished with lime. In short the ‘Three Aunties and Three Grandmothers’ really needed the support of  ‘Thai Chilli Rice’ , rather than the other way around.

Increasing the rating to 4.5 from 4.0 with 0.5 still in stock for the non-veg entities that I haven’t yet tried over there.

Re-visit : 20/8/15

Finally got the opportunity to try out with their non-veg stuff more than a couple of visits. And before I process, their weekdays lunch buffet deal @499 + taxes is a must try.

For the starters, the Basa Fish satay was very well garnished and served well too. Tasted perfectly as it was low on spices and was more about fish, which was pretty frail. Top Hat Mutton, was simply amazing. The herbs alongside minced Mutton stuffed in really crispy rice cups makes out a perfect combination for the taste buds. Very highly recommended starter, along with its veg counterpart as mentioned in visit review. A little bit of Pani from PaniPuri and it will be no less than non-veg PaniPuri 🙂 The Green Peper Mushroom contained really well garnished tender mushroom with perfect balance of pepper and sausage to make a perfect tangy starter. Vegetable Tempura although crispy were a little disappointment to me compared to other starters, as they basically did not aligned with the other starters well. Easily were the odd one outs.

The Beans Sprout Tofu Salad served was simply amazing due to the quality of the sprouts served in particular and fresh tofu chunks. One of the best salads that I had since a long time.

For the veg main course, the stir fried Baby Potato Herbs and Chili served again was wonderfully prepared, but really was not that chilly as the name sounds. Tossed up with Tofu cubes and Baby corn, really a vegan heaven as referred to in their menu. Honey Garlic Chicken, the other stir fry served contained tender boneless chicken, but devoid/suppressed of aroma of both honey and garlic.

The Thai Red Curry, both Chicken and Veg, was simply perfect. Just adequate use of Coconut Milk, Lemon Grass and Basil to create the perfect aroma.

Malaysian Shredded Herb Rice really lacked the exotic herbs in it, as referred to in the menu. But the use of mint and basil really made and interesting taste and went well with the Thai Red Curry.

The Chocolate Mousse for the deserts was upto the expectation. Not too sweet and just the right content of dark chocolate to make a perfect smooth dessert to conclude for the day.

Increasing the rating to to a perfect 5.0 after trying with their non-veg entities.

The duck tasting however is still due 😉

IMG_20150820_143803048 IMG_20150820_143733302 IMG_20150820_143728657 IMG_20150820_142330685 IMG_20150820_142329965 IMG_20150820_142322377 IMG_20150820_142321599 IMG_20150820_142257367 IMG_20150820_142256557 IMG_20150820_142245380 IMG_20150820_140007456 IMG_20150820_135853205 IMG_20150820_135851976 IMG_20150820_135653530 IMG_20150820_135652636 IMG_20150820_135548902 IMG_20150820_135542936 IMG_20150820_135542005 IMG_20150820_135537804 IMG_20150820_135536864 IMG_20150820_135530995 IMG_20150820_135529975 IMG_20150820_132800345 IMG_20150820_132752628 IMG_20150820_132647422 IMG_20150820_132634240 IMG_20150820_125545488 IMG_20150820_125507662 IMG_20150820_125503326 IMG_20150820_125456851 IMG_20150820_125449285 IMG_20150820_125448270 IMG_20150820_125443715 IMG_20150820_125442521 IMG_20150820_125438724 IMG_20150820_125437516 IMG_20150820_125327629 IMG_20150820_125326627 IMG_20150820_125321911 IMG_20150820_125321609 IMG_20150820_125320613 IMG_20150820_124529224 IMG_20150820_124348016

Visit Date : January 22, 2016

A Different day with a different buffet menu… 🙂


Basa in Pepper Fish Sauce : Very pleasing starter to have.

Tambo Mia Chicken : Innovatively done and presented that’s what I can rather should say about it. Presented like Seekh Kebabs that made use of sugarcane sticks and presented with the sugarcane sticks  ! Took us some time to realize that it indeed was sugarcane. Chicken was very soft and gentle. Consuming sugarcane, post chicken, sticks gave a really nice texture to the net taste of the preparation.

Murtabak Vegetarian : Stuffed with minced veggies, a touch on the oily side.

Top Hat Vegetarian : A must try for the veggies, although I prefer its mutton counterpart.

Other items from the menu:

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“Bira”,  the original Indian Craft Beer – A must have. The flavors of the blonde one are more prodigious.


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