Restaurant Review: Olive Bristo, Bund Garden Road

Finally got the time to write down my review for the place after visiting last week fellow Zomato foodies.

For the abstract, a very good place with awesome ambiance and decent food to have a great evening with FOOD LOVERS.

As expressed by Michelle Mahabat  : ‘Food does such a good job of bringing people together’ indeed is a perfect self explanatory phrase.

Thanks for Ritesh Tiwari  for helping to finalise this venue and of course for his  PEO Priviledge Card 😉 The 4 Course Meal @ Rs. 1000/- inclusive taxes,  seemed to be a better selected option rather than the À la carte. A set menu / buffet always helps to communicate better and causes less confusion.

The four courses opted by me :
Course 1: Chaudiere – The French Precursor To the Modern Chowder (A French Soup) which was great, but i would one with a little stronger aroma of the Smoked Chicken. The soup was delicious nevertheless.

Course 2: Red Harissa Marinated Indian Basa Slivers. Fish was very well prepared but the portion served was little less for my liking.

Course 3: Overnight Braised Chicken Legs. Brasing was very well done.  But the portion contained too much of Pearl Barley.

Course 4: Hot Chocolate Fondant. I guess it was a wrong decision at my end. Was too sweet for my comfort. Otherwise a hot chocolate lover will surely like it as it was prepared and served well.

Rest apart from other opted entities from the fellow foodies:
‘ Smoked Jerk Chicken Pizza’ was good option to go with. Nice thin crest with with chicken and veggie topping.
Falafel in pita pockets with hummus had fresh pita bread and served well but fell short of falafel as well as hummus content.

The Chicken Lasagna was one of the entities for the evening which was by far the best. Everything was just perfect about it.

The best entity for the day surely as Saffron Panacotta. Really loved the preparation and serving. It was very well balance with aroma of saffron stands alongwith orange sauce.

With a couple of dishes we ran into issues of some being little undercooked whereas other being little overcooked. Otherwise the experience with the food was good.
The service was a touch slow, may be due to Monday marking beginning of the week. Definitely looked understaffed on the day. The person serving us also at time looked tentative and a little short on confidence. May be he was under pressure of serving foodies !

Otherwise great place to try out.
5/5 for the ambiance and 4/5 for the food as well as service.

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