Restaurant Review: Sigree Global Grill, Amanora Town Center

Sigree Global Grill as definitely added an extra dimension to the grill based buffet which until sometime back was kind-of dominated by BBQ mainly. The last time I visited Sigree Global Grill @ Boat Club Road, they did not had the Barbeque mounted on the table, but  at Amanora Town Center’s outlet they have added this feature as well. So that’s some smart thinking by their management considering BBQ is right just on their head at this place 🙂 Last evening we visited the place for an official treat. They definitely have a really great ambiance created at this outlet and its really spacious. The weekday buffet is priced at 630/- per head (Non Veg) and 575/- per head (Veg), excluding the taxes and an unlimited complimentary non-alcoholic drink is a really great entity to add to the food. Hardly drank a drop of plain water ! The service overall was pretty quick and attentive staff. Morel importantly well behaved. However seemed to be an inexperienced staff, which was at time evident. But not any major issue with it. Coming to the food… Starters: Non-Veg Starters: Bhuna Jeera Murgh Tikka, Methi Murgh Tikka and Mediterranean Grill Chicken were really nice and the Chicken well prepared. But somehow the Chicken was not really soft at times. And the Chicken Tikka often had bones in Chicken, which I personally dislike. Others might have their own views about having bones in Chicken Tikka. Lemon Garlic Fish Finger was really awesome. The fish was good and the preparation was rally good and they made sure its crispy as well without oil. So kudos for that. Coriander Mustard Grill Fish was the pick for the day from the non-veg starters.  I really like the usage of Mustard for preparing Fish. Augments the taste of Fish like anything and avoids use of any extra spices or added flavors.Really goes well with me. Khada Masale Ke Jinge were also very well cooked. Must say that the sea food in Sigree is way better than what you get in BBQ. Gilafi Ghosht Seekh seekh kababs were also very good. I am always a die-hard fan of Mutton as opposed to Chicken. So I am always on the lookout for good Ghost to be served 😀 Always impresses be. But Mutton always has to be good and cooked well too. No compromise on that. Veg Starters: Really did not bothered to try out the Veg starters after having do much of Fish. but could not resist trying out the Basil Grill Cottage Cheese which indeed was presented very well to catch the attention and was cooked well too. Other than that the Pineapple Tikka is always one of my favorites. So cannot resist to have it. Seemed that they have used the same process for the Pineapple as well as they have used for the Coriander Mustard Grill Fish !!! The Pineapple Tikka nevertheless tasted pretty good with the mustard too… The so called Zucchini & Olive Pizza should really not be called a Pizza. Too small and too thin to be called one… Otherwise was not really bad. Kidney Bean and Three Pepper Enchilada was also surprisingly good. But not sure what the term ‘Three Pepper’ in the name stands for !!! Main Course: Veg Main Course: While taking some pictures was simply tempted to try out the Baked Mac & Cheese from the veg section. Looked too good to draw the attention. And tasted well to justify the looks. So good to know that there was some good in the store for the veggies, who otherwise are often left with no choice but to complaint of not having too many options. Non-Veg Main Course: Bhuna Kalimirch Ghosht was only good in terms of the preparation of the base but the Ghost itself was hard and not cooked properly. Otherwise the gravy was kept think was tasted good. A little better cooked Mutton would have made it taste a lot better. Fish Thai Green Currey as other sea food entities was the ultimate pick for the evening. Simply Awesome ! The Thai Curry had slightly higher content of lemon grass it seems, but was nevertheless great. It went really well with the Burnt Garlic Spinach and Corn Rice. The best thing about Kadhai Jinga Do Pyaza was thick gravy with prawns. It surely augments the taste of prawns. Never a fan of thin gravy with prawns. Murgh aur Keema Dum Biryani, the name itself sounds interesting. Murgh + Keema based Biryani, something that I have never heard about earlier ! But again the important thing, it was a very well prepared. So Kudos for the innovative idea 🙂 Desserts: Really a wide range of Desserts available too.. And the presentations of desserts in general was attractive as well. My favorite from the desserts were the Apple Crumble Tart and the Lemon Cheese Cake. The Cheese and Lemon proportion was just perfect. Tiramisu Mousse and Blueberry Gateaus were another well prepared desserts to pick from the lot. The Red Velvet and White Chocolate Mousse and Mango Mouse were also excellent. Malai Langcha was a little extra sweet for my comfort, but others may like it. Had some ice-cream with condiments to make it a full meal 😉 Other options from desserts, those I was to fill to try out and had to miss out, were Malpua with Rabri, Malai Langcha, Moongdal Halwa. Overall it was a great experience with the food with some minor cons. So a must visit place, if you wanna try it for. But you will need a large appetite to visit the place 🙂 IMG_20150713_195053 IMG_20150713_195254IMG_20150713_195305IMG_20150713_195313IMG_20150713_195333IMG_20150713_195342IMG_20150713_195357IMG_20150713_195105 IMG_20150713_195115 IMG_20150713_195120 IMG_20150713_195130 IMG_20150713_195137 IMG_20150713_195141       IMG_20150713_200544 IMG_20150713_200825 IMG_20150713_200839 IMG_20150713_200848 IMG_20150713_200854 IMG_20150713_201650 IMG_20150713_203446 IMG_20150713_203454 IMG_20150713_203512 IMG_20150713_203541 IMG_20150713_203645 IMG_20150713_203700 IMG_20150713_203708 IMG_20150713_203748 IMG_20150713_204050IMG_20150713_204107IMG_20150713_203810 IMG_20150713_203817 IMG_20150713_203824 IMG_20150713_203831 IMG_20150713_203835 IMG_20150713_203838 IMG_20150713_203843 IMG_20150713_203851 IMG_20150713_203858 IMG_20150713_203902 IMG_20150713_203917 IMG_20150713_203931 IMG_20150713_203955 IMG_20150713_203958 IMG_20150713_204002 IMG_20150713_204008 IMG_20150713_204021   IMG_20150713_205332 IMG_20150713_210850

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