Restaurant Review: Dario’s, Koregaon Park, Pune

Visited Dario’s on 22/08/15. Was invited for their exclusive media preview of the new concept by DARIO’s in Pune called as “Thalitalia”. The idea per se  takes the concept of Indian Thali and is implemented for Italian cuisine, hence named appropriately. Was a great pleasure indeed to be invited to the event and got the opportunity to meet the owners Rebbecca and Chef Dario Dezi as well. Also gave a platform to get in touch with other food bloggers in Pune, some new and some old.

Before going ahead with the food review, I would like to accept that I am a novice when it comes to Italian Food. Hence at time I may not be able;e to connect to the food appropriately.

Rest assured that indeed Thalitalia is a great and must try concept induced by Darios, which I have to mention is a pure veg place !!! So a veggies delight for sure. And priced @590/- (all inclusive) more than a fair deal. It definitely gave a wide-spread festival of Italian Food to the taste buds.

The so called Thali was segregated and served into three portions. The first portion included 5 starters and 2 salads followed by the second portion which included 3 Pastas, 2 Pizzas and a Rissoto and finally the 2 desserts served at the end.

The first portion, as mentioned included, 5 starters namely, Bruschetta, Polpette di Lenticchie, Crostini with GT imported toppings, Arancinelle and Pate di Ceci served with tomato based dip and 2 Saladas – Melluci and Tomato. So essentially 2 starters fried and 2 bread based, all prepared and served well. 2 Salads also were perfectly seasoned. The one thing that confuses me is ‘Pate di Ceci’ is a starter or humus. If humus, then is humus a starter ! As I already said, I am not thorough with Italian food, so if anyone wants to update me on this I would be thankful 😉

Jumping to the main course, as one should refer it connecting to Thali, the Pastas namely Pennee Arrabbiata, Gnocchi Ai Formaggi and Fusilli Fulminati were nicely prepared. But with three Pastas, I guess, one will always run into issue with two of them having similar base either Red Sauce or White Sauce. So may be slight effort can be put in to improvise and deal with it….The Risotto Al Limone & Rucola, as mentioned in the menu cooked with white wine, lemon and garlic definitely was bland as it lacked the characteristics of its ingredients.

The 2 Pizzas namely Margherita and Siciliano were a little disappointing. Although I liked the Siciliano a little better. The main and fundamental reason for the disappointment was, being served into a combo with 3 pastas and with some foodies around talking/discussing, by the time we ate the Pizza, it was cold and contaminated by sausages from either Pasta or Risotto. To it ruined the Pizza a little bit. So Dario’s again needs to rectify and see how they can deal with this issue in particular on priority basis, as they might often run into the same trouble with their customers for Thalitalia…

To conclude with the Thali, the served Desserts namely Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse were really not upto the expectations compared to what was served for starters and main course. Both desserts laked in their base flavor.

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