Restaurant Review: Wah Ji Wah, Kalyani Nagar Pune

“Heaven for Veggies”

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Unfortunately, have to rewrite my review courtesy some back-end issues for Zomato. My earlier review with pictures got deleted from there. So I guess, will have to revisit the place on some more occasion to rewrite all things, with pictures.

To concise from where I had left in my earlier review, it is one of the only few places whom I have rated 5/5 although it being a pure veg destination, whereas I am exactly the opposite !!! To this explains in itself and justifies the reason everyone must visit the place atleast once and rest I can assure your multiple visits. Of course the primary requirement being you should carving to get and should have a taste for North Indian Food. If true, this is just the perfect place you are looking for.

So for the recent visit, it seems they have recently added Tiranga Chap into their menu. It is basically a combination of Afgani, Haryali and Aachari Chap’s. So good to have a GO at all the possible best combinations at a once 🙂 Afgani Chap is the most fundamental base Chap that come with a curd-cream based framework. Definitely on the sour side, to my liking, partly due to the marination and partly due to curd. Aachari Chap is the other extreme possibility with the base being same but the framework a little tangy and on the spicy side. Simply an awesome entity one must try, if you are aligned more towards that tangy and spicy flavour. The Haryali Chap kind, considering the above two Chap’s, falls in between them. And now I can easily refer to it being a little flat/bland in terms on sourness or being tangy. Still good nevertheless, but I prefer going with the other two extremities.

Other than that, this time around, I gave a chance to their Choley-Kulcha’s. Their baked Kulcha was really nice and soft and Choley authentically cooked in proper Punjabi preparation. Only one concern, which the management needs to look into, the portion of Choley served was really less compared what ideally needed to finish the size of Kulcha they come with. For me it was 50% less.

Other mouth-watering recommendations from the place : Malai Tikka, Soyabeen Tikka and Dahi Kababs. Can elaborate on their flavors until the next visit.

Must have’s : Veg Soya Boti Kabab’s, Rajma-Chawal combo and Dal Makahani is definitely the entity not to be missed once there. I can easily finish of couple of bowls of their Dal Makahani without even bothering about Bread/Rice 😉 Simply cooked to perfection.

DSCN0839 DSCN0840 DSCN0841 DSCN0842 DSCN0843 DSCN0844 DSCN0846 DSCN0847 DSCN0848-ED

Visit Date: 29/11/2015 with the intent to try out their newly launched menu …

Post feedback from other foodies who visited prior to me, happy with the Black Pepper content of Charlie Chaplin Chap (Black Pepper Tikka) – 16 pieces of chaap tikkas marinated in Black Pepper.

Sarson Da Saag with Makke Di Roti was a hit. Don’t remember the last time I had Sarson Da Saag with Makke Di Roti with Jaggery and loaded with Makkhan …

The Red Velvet was really wonderful to have. A variation of cassata that comes in a block to give random mix of sponge-cake and ice-cream when served by a scoop. The cones, I guess, will just function to improve on the presentation.

Also got the opportunity to taste out the pickles that they are going to launch soon. eagerly awaiting for them to be launched as I don’t get good pickles with typical North-Indian preparation over here in Pune – The Dalle Da Aachar, in particular.

Vanilla ice-cream with hot gulab-jamuns topped with chocolate syrup.DSCN2839

The Brazilian coffee, only for those who love that extra bit of coffee pinch. DSCN2841

Visit Date: 9/01/2016 : It’s Dessert Time  …

And somehow Vikram always manages to have something new for me to try. So this time that something was ‘Kuch Nahi’. First let me post the pic for the so called ‘Kuch Nahi’….

And then they call is ‘Kuch Nahi’ 😉

Ingredients of Kuch Nahi : Choco Chips, Giani Special, Tutty fruity, Black Current & Butterscotch !!! Fruit cubes at the bottom followed by four scoops and hot chocolate syrup on the top with choco chips. A great Sundae to try out for. The Fruit cubes at the bottom ascertains that one  enjoy’s the melted ice-cream thoroughly at the end too.

Visit date : 16/02/10

The new thing tried out for the day was the WFC Chaap. A fried version of their chap with the intent to have a crispy texture for the outer surface, something similar to KFC’s chicken wings, was a touch oily and dry in the core region. Not very impressed by the excessive experimentation, buy you may give it a shot and decide for yourselves.


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