TJ’s Brew Works, Hadapsar, Pune

To brief it up, a place that offers you real good brews but the food offered is equally disappointing.

The evening began with some tasting upfront before finalizing the brew to go with.


The bitterness decreases and sweetness increases from left to right.

TJ’s Devil Dark Brew  (left-most) – is the strongest but bitter as well. So its only for those who like the bitterness. But surely it is the best of the brews. It is really gives Devil’s kick !

TJ’s Premium Brew  (second from left) – a little mild compared to the Devil but still good.

TJ’s Zen Weiss Brew (third from left) – is the second best to be liked after the Devil. It, I think, should suit everyone in general as it has the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness.

TJ’s Blond Brew  (right-most) –  the least bitter of the lot. Too soft. May be it’s more suited for females.

TJ’s Mystery Brew – Its tastes more like a fruit juice rather than the beer. An apple aroma attached to it makes it more on the sweeter side.


After the tasting the first tower to be called was TJ’s Devil Dark Brew and the second one to come was TJ’s Zen Weiss Brew.

To begin with the food:

Cheese Fries: To begin with, really bad quality cheese used. Very disappointing to see such poor preparation in a serving that simply uses French Fries and Cheese !


Nachos with Salsa : Slightly better preparation and very well served.

Chicken Nuggets + Popcorn Chicken + French Fries : Use of too much of french fries was disappointing. The Chicken Nuggets and Popcorn Chicken were also not cooked properly. Chicken was undercooked and both nuggets and popcorn’s were not soft, too hard.


Crumb Fried Mushrooms with Garlic Mayo :  The best veg preparation for the day. The Mushroom fries were very crispy and cooked perfectly.


Beer Braised Chicken : A very good preparation. Tender chicken pieces braised perfectly with beer made a perfect serving.

Beer Batter Vegetable Fitters : Ordered the dish on the basis of very good beer braised chicken. But this was very poor. You will get better veg pakoras, that’s what I will call it, anywhere. No need to used a fancy name. Too oily as well and the so called beer batter effect was also pretty bland.


Thai Style Chilli Chicken: Not a great preparation again. Too much of veg ingredients for a non-veg preparation and nowhere close to either Thai style or Chilli Chicken.

Lamb Mince Kabab : Definitely the best food for the day amongst the entire lot. Nicely minced fresh lamb used to prepare very good kababs. Highly recommended entity to try out at this place.

Food is the major entity that they seriously need to improve on.  Consistency is a huge problem in their food preparation. If they get the food right they will help themselves immensely to get more costumers.

The service was very good. No issues with that at all.

The ambiance is also very nice.

A must visit place if you are looking to try out for some good brewery.

Cheers !!!

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