Restaurant Review: Fish Curry Rice, Law College Road, Pune

Date of Visit : December 27, 2015

This was the day when one fine afternoon the #foodprowl (@foodprowl, @varunkhanna21, @varadworld) gang decided to raid Fish Curry Rice (FCR), in pursue of some good sea-food. The place is run by Sandesh Sudhir Bhat who provided a very good hospitality to the gang. FCR is a small place with a very decent ambiance. The moment a person hop’s into FCR, the typical and consistent aroma of cooking fish coming out of their open kitchen in-itself justifies the name of the plane.  The place had wall mountings of various old Marathi plays or movies, not sure play/movie, which gives it a very nice traditional attire.

Before proceeding with the food review, irrelevant of what our experience was, I would just like to say that it’s a place where a sea-food lover must visit once and decide for himself about the food. My review is solely based on personal choice.

Kokum, Solkhadi and Jirmira Kadhi were served as the welcome drinks upfront.  Kokum Sharbat was very really good and refreshing and Solkhadi, although not strong enough, was impressive. Didn’t understand the purpose of serving Jirmira Kadhi, conventional home Kadhi, as a welcome drink. May served by Sandesh just for tasting, presented as a welcome drink it was not very impressive.

Thecha Stuffed Bombil : A more soothing variant of stuffed  Bombil where Thecha was used to stuff instead of prawns/crab meat used elsewhere. The preparation helps conserve the taste of Bombil itself and stuffed thecha provides the necessary additive spice flavor to the fish. A great preparation one must not miss. The fish simply melts into the mouth !

Surmai Fry : Very crysp rava fry Surmai version served. Devoid of excessive oil and very crispy preparation indeed. Post first dose of thecha preparation, the taste of this one got suppressed to an extent.


Mudhushe Fry (Lady Fish) : Another very good preparation where the fish was very soft and readily melted in the mouth.


Steamed Pomfret : Always looks great to have a fully fried fish, served as a single piece, onto the table and what better than if its steamed. Very fine masala layering and stuffing which aligns with the flesh but does not destroys the taste of the fish. The fish in itself was tender and melted into the mouth. Good to see the consistency in cooking of the fish in all the dishes served.

Veggies Fry : Veg starters included rava fried versions of Banana, Potato and Brinjal (Egg-plant). Good to know, for the concerned veggies although I highly doubt they will be able to tolerate this place for too long, that for veggie preparation they use altogether separate oil and arrangement, although kitchen is the same. The veg starters again were devoid of oil and pretty crispy and very well done.


Clams Kalawa : Coming to the main-course, I was having Clams for the first time. The preparation made sure that I am not having clams for the first and last time. Great dish to try out for. As mentioned, I was having them for the first time, so cannot really comment on how they should be cooked and so on, but the preparation was mouth watering and a touch spicy.


Prawns Thikla : Very certainly looked Thika, dark RED, and tasted like thika as well, although not as spicy as it looked ! Within the acceptable spice limits. The prawns were cooked well and the gravy was also prepared aromatically, in terms of color texture as well as flavor.


Fish Curry Goan Rice : Again the fish was very well cooked. The gravy was prepared in typical goan style loaded with excessive coconut texture, but the turmeric in the gravy seemed to be under-cooked which can be looked into for betterment. Still the gravy was wonderful and so the whole preparation.

Apart from the food served the side-servings namely, Chutney and Gobi Aachar were also very well prepared and went well along-with the food served.

Overall it was a very impressive first visit and a great experience at FCR. Thanks to Sandesh for the hospitality provided not-to-forget an awesome sea-food treat. The best part was the consistent cooking of Fish in all the dishes served.

FCR web-site :

Photo credits : @varunkhanna –

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