Restaurant Review: Marrakesh, Magarpatta City, Pune

Review of home delivery system of Marrakesh which was a complementary dinner delivered.

To brief up the experience, the food experience overall was good. Also, the most important aspect of a delivery system, the delivery timing was spot-on at the requested time. So that was quite impressive.

The only thing that I would like to suggest them is to  improve on the food packaging quality a bit for delivery. I agree that it might end up with may be increasing the costing for deliveries, so a tricky call to make. But considering the type of food they deliver, poor packaging can really spoil the taste and hence the effort that went into preparation. They can learn from other similar outlets, on the packaging method adopted for delivery, in particular the breads and desserts.

Coming onto the food, the food in itself was pretty impressive with some minor hiccups.


Garlic Hummus with Olive and Pita Bread: The Hummus topped with olives was really good, but considering it’s named as garlic hummus, the texture of garlic was not as dominant as one would expect. One may argue that everyone may not like hummus with superior  garlic flavor, but that’s what the name is, hence no harm done! So I suggest them to increase the garlic content to give it a little powerful, if not dominant,  flavor.

Makrana Kebab: Tender chicken drumsticks marinated perfectly using the tandoori masala. Chicken was really succulent and everything about the chicken was really impressive. The surface cooking lacked consistency and some chicken pieces got burnt on the surface, so that needs to be taken care of.


Main Course:

Falalel Roll : It was nicely done again with balance use of ground chickpeas and broad beans and tahini and hummus. Good to see that there was no mayonnaise usage, so good that it retained the flavors of the basic ingredients. Definitely a recommended one for veggies.


Nalli Nihari : It was really the best served entity of the whole lot, a must have if you are visiting the place sooner or later. Mutton was really very well cooked hence really tender. The gravy was thick, a touch on the spicier side and included loads of grated ginger and blended very well with the flesh. Tasted really superb… Really was a savory mutton preparation 🙂


Zatar Naan : It was good experience trying the Zatar Naan from Marrakesh for the first time. Topped with thyme, oregano and sesame seeds it was very well made. But Inidan breads/naans usually are not good options to be ordered for delivery, unless they come up with something better packing method to retain the taste, as it will get soggy and may lose its flavors a touch. But that’s a generic problems with bread delivery, so always better to eat them right there and then rather to get them delivered or do a take-away. Anyways, I warmed it up on a pan using garlic butter so got a little better to eat. In case if you are ordering it to be delivered, I will suggest you to warm it up using plain butter instead to retain it’s original taste.



Malai Phirni: It was perfectly sweet and very well prepared, but a touch bland in terms of dry-fruits flavors. Also have been good if delivered colder, tastes better that way, or error on my half that I should have taken that care by keeping it in the fridge for some time before eating 😦 Might be I was touch impatient with the food 😉


On a minor note, instead of using hand-written done on the package please use stickers instead. Also pack properly/firmly to avoid spilling-out of the food from the package.

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