Restaurant Review: Bakery by the Flour Works, Wanowrie, Pune

 Date of Visit : January 28, 2016

So another food tasting event organized by PR (Telesthesia 360) for The Bakery by The Flour Works. Flour works is owned and operated by Meeta Makhecha who also happens to be the chef of the place. The Flour Works at Kalyani Nagar is already an established place now serving American and European cuisines as well as Desserts.

This particular event was at their Wanowrie outlet that has been recently opened, I guess a month old, at the max, now. A very small outlet, which one can very easily  miss-out to locate. unless intends and is looking only to visit it. Meeta although was not present for the event but Harshal Pillay who I think primarily manages running this outlet was a perfect host for the evening. Some quality time spent with Harshal discussing food, including served at Flour Works and food in general as well, in a well-balanced approach. Owners/Managers only inclined to talk about their own food tends to get monotonous and boring.

Also it was nice to catch up with Ashwini Gowdara from the PR. Ashwini and Harshal made it a perfect evening with food and chat.

Vietnamese Ice Tea : Combination of Green Tea and condensed milk that sits at the bottom. So basically it has sourness of black tea on the top with sweetness of condensed milk at the bottom, which is the end flavor. The more on stirs it, the sweetness increases as the milk and tea gets mixed. Way to go ….


Water melon and Feta salad : The best thing that I loved about the preparation of the salad is that it had no unnecessary added flavors, inherits only the flavors of its base ingredients namely, water melon, mint and chopped almonds. Flavors of mint and water melon blend-in with each other well and the chopped almond pieces provide the required crunchy texture. The salad was additionally topped, importantly not overloaded, with feta which consistently made it’s presence felt. The in-house mild lemon-based dressing is used in just the right proportion so that it does not interferes with the flavors core ingredients, instead augments them perfectly.

Grilled Chicken with Jalapenos : Nicely grilled juicy chicken with sausages used to make a very good grilled sandwich. Very good and noticeable thing about the sandwich, it did not had unnecessary extra sausage dripping out of the sandwich to make it’s consuming a messy affair. 🙂 Didn’t felt presence of Jalapenos, either I remember the name of the Sandwich wrong or the quantity of Jalapenos was too gentle to be noticed.

Lemon Raspberry Pastry : Consistently layered Raspberry and juicy lemon flavored spunch give the pastry nice and consistent flavors of Lemon as well as Raspberry, both complementing each other very well. Must accept the fact that I never had a pastry with such a juicy texture until yet in Pune !!! A must try.

Mix Fruit Pastry : Another very good pastry prepared that has consistent mix of different fruits to try. Both the pastries weren’t unnecessarily over sweet and inherited sweetness of their fruits which was good to see.

Bora Bora Tea : Orange flavored Green tea.  A very nice one to try.

Not to forget the cookies served, which were really very good. The cookies themselves were very crispy but the choco-chips were soft and smooth, two textures complementing each other well …

A place worth visiting … 😎

Bakery by The Flour Works Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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