Restaurant Review: Gourmet Eat In, Pune

After writing reviews about numerous restaurants, this is my first review as well as introduction to new concept for food in Pune by Gourmet Eat In (, a food based startup.

As informed to me by Tanuj Sinha, founder of Gourmet Eat In, the startup aims to allow their customers to prepare great food using their ready to cook meal kits. Their kits include a step by step recipe for an international classic along with all the ingredients proportioned to the recipe. They also make claim the cooking to be stress free by doing a lot of the prep work for their customers. So he invited me to try and review a couple of their ready-to-cook kits.

The kits delivered to me were ‘Insalata Caprese with Balsamic Reduction’ and ‘Thai Green Curry – Veg’. The first and the foremost important entity to any home-delivery based food outlet is the packaging. Contents of each individual kits were very well packed and it was easy to segregate out the two kits without any fuss, of course with slight help from the preparation manual. Even the oils delivered were tightly packed inside containers to prevent any spillage.


Coming to the recipes:

Insalata Caprese with Balsamic Reduction: A salad with Tomatoes, Mozzarella Buffalo, Basil as the ingredients with dressing of Balsamic Vinegar reduction and Olive oil. The effort needed to prepare, chop the tomatoes and cheese, arrange on the serving plate with basil leaves and drizzle with Vinegar and Olive oil. And salad is ready to serve … As simple as that!!! Couple of mistakes at my end, didn’t read that the manual said slice the Tomatoes and Mozzarella, I ended up chopping them. Barely made difference to the end taste, only the serving plate looked full J Tastes nice. The ingredients supplied with the kit are in perfect balance and substantial to serve 2. A crispy texture in the salad was the only ingredient missing, based solely on personal preference; use of cut almonds or peanuts or something like that might have taken care of that.

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Thai Green Curry – Veg: The ingredients supplied for the Veg Thai Green Curry with the kit were The Gourmet Eat In’s Green Thai Curry paste, Vegetables like Potatoes, Carrots, Cauliflower, Green Beans and Capsicum, Veg stock to create the broth, Coconut milk, Vegetable Oil, Coriander and Basil for garnishing. Long Grain Rice, to be served alongside the curry, is also included in the kit. Only the potatoes need chopping, supplying chopped potatoes will ruin them. So it makes sense. One simply needs to follow the procedure in the recipe provided with the kit and the Thai Curry will be ready to be served with rice, in say about 20 minutes at the max. The time consumed explains, in itself, the minimal cooking effort needed. Of course you have to be prepared to cook. Final curry tasted really good. The thickness of the gravy was perfect, if water added properly as per instructions. The amount of curry prepared and rice supplied in the kit are of perfect amount for each other. Also the kit, as mentioned, is enough to serve two persons. Just once concern, Potatoes in Thai Curry! In fact personally I don’t like potatoes in any curry, makes the curry a little sweet as well as suppresses taste of other ingredients. So may be, I think, potatoes can be kept as optional ingredient. Another point, the amount of water to be used is mentioned in liters in the recipe, so would be good to add a more domestic scale like measuring by cups for simplicity.

Overall it was a nice experience using the kits in terms of cooking/preparation effort as well as more important the final taste of the preparation.

So definitely the kits are ON for their continental stuff in particular. I have my share of doubts and concerns, which I had discussed with Tanuj, regarding the barbecue kits. Firstly, I prefer to prepare my own marination so I am not really inclined towards them. And the more important and generic concern with doing barbecue, even with ready to prepare stuff, is that some exposure is needed to cook non-veg. Overcooking will burn it out and under cooking will have its own share of issues with flesh. An amateur person can simply and easily ruin the kit, which otherwise may actually be good. So might risky and unsafe zone for a startup. But disagreeing to my worries, as informed by Tanuj, they are getting a good response to barbecue kits as well!


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