TGI Fridays, Huntsville, AL

TGIF being one of a favorable casual evening destinations back in India, it was time to try out the one in Huntsville, Al. Did not really went-in with a pre-mindset as I don’t expect the same menu or preparation being served in US as done in India . Would become pretty monotonic , if my assumption was wrong 🙂  Turned out, as expected, I was not wrong at all 😀 …

What I opted was a sort-of mini buffet deal for $12.00 that I can say, as not sure what exactly to refer to it. It included the following items, on left its the veg items and non-veg items on the right: IMG_20160311_225416

The way the deal works is, one item at a time served on the table as to what you request, till your tummy is satisfied. Of-course you have to finish the one served before asking for next .

Amongst the veg the only thing tried were the ‘Crispy Green Bean Fries’. Green Beans, not-chopped, fried with a batter and served with sausage – as simple as that. Fries not really very crispy/crunchy per-se, but overall a good appetizer to try out for.

Coming to the more important non-veg section 😉

Braised BBQ Beef Tostadas : Tender barbecued beef on top of toasted tortilla as the base with some cream based sausage made a perfect dish. Top half melts nicely in the mouth and the crispy tortilla base add very good crunchy texture in the mouth. Just a perfect balance of the ingredients with enough attention paid to proportion of each one of them, meat in particular so that it does not overpowers the preparation. Nothing really anything to complain about.

Loaded Potato Skins : The one thing that I definitely liked about this dish was the its colorful presentation in particular. Large potato chunks, quarters to make it easy to refer, with the core cut-off to form a large potato base, enough to justify it’s naming – Loaded Potato😀 . The base layered with Bacon and veggies gives the overall dish a very nice colorful texture. So far so good. But the main issue comes while consuming. The way the large potato chunk is baked, makes it burning-hot for the tongue to consume it upright when served… Opppsssss the tongue is set on fire ….. And if you let it cool down, the other flip side of potato baking, it becomes too hard on the surface… Fight to gulp that potato to go down your throat ! So the balance to consume it at the right moment, kind-off becomes tricky, or can say became difficult for me atleast. So might be a little attention can be made towards this aspect to make it more consumable friendly !

BBQ Chicken Flatbread : Another nice colorful preparation in terms of presentation for sure. A thin-crest flat-bread topped with BBQ Chicken, cheese and veggies. Not sure, but I guess its a alternate or fancy name adopted for Pizza !  Irrespective of naming adaption, it is a very good entity to try out.

Some other stuffs that my friend had. Not sure how it was, but definitely looked good.

A fully satisfying affair first-up with TGIF on a foreign land ❤

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