Restaurant Review: KhaanSaab, Magarpatta City, Pune

Restaurant Name: KhaanSaab @Seasons Mall, Magarpatta City, Pune

Date of Visit: 8th June 2016


KHAANSAAB is scheduled to open at Seasons Mall, Hadapsar, Pune from 10th June 2016 onwards. Essentially it was a pre-opening food tasting event held by them to get feedback’s on various aspects from concept of the restaurant itself to the food being served on the table.

The interiors, nicely decorated, are designed with the concept to provide a Royal dining experience with both indoor and outdoor seating available. Outdoor seating is not on the road-side, so nuisance creating traffic noise is absent.

As it was probably the first trial kitchen preparations being served on the table to foodies, only time will tell about the final quality of food and the customer satisfaction achieved.

Apple Pineapple Ka Panna : It’s a drink made from oven roasted apple and pineapple and flavored with cumin. Not as tangy as the traditional Kairi  ka panna is, but something interesting to try. I guess the sweetness of apple, due to its higher proportion, nullified the tanginess that otherwise could have been achieved by just using pineapple. So a little work can be done to balance the flavors and retain the tanginess, solely because of the way we are used to anticipate once we are told that a Panna is being served.

Additionally another drink prepared from Coconut milk and Sparkling water was served. It leaves a very sharp texture on the tongue tip, courtesy both the ingredients used.


Tamatar Tulsi Shorba : Use of Tulsi leaves was really wonderful to see and it gave the thick shorba very distinctive taste as opposed to the Tomato soups prepared anywhere else.


Paya Shorba : Prepared overnight, as claimed, it really had the perfect taste as well as texture.


Starters : Veg

Malai Paneer Tikka : Way different from the otherwise commonly prepared Panner Tikka. Panner stuffed with cheese and soaked in malai and kaju marinade finished in hot clay pot. Does not looks like the conventional tikkas, neither by appearance nor by taste. Totally whitish in appearance as none of the ingredient is a spice as such. And the taste as well is on the sweeter side. Nice started but gets monotonous in terms of flavor atleast as no texture to the flavor is infused. Not at all bad as such in the present state but may be addition of something like minced mint leaves with cheese for stuffing might give it an extra dimension in terms of flavor !


Roti Pe Panner Ki Boti : I can simply equate is to an extra small pizza (around 2 inch) where a roti base is topped with mint chutney, onion ring and paneer. Nicely presented and a good starter to have.


Tandoor Bharwan Khumb : Mushroom stuffed with creamed spinach, cheese and barbecued. Really juicy preparation to have with perfectly balance flavors.

Corn Cheese Kurkure : Basically rolls stuffed with corn and cheese.  Again very nicely prepared, but can, and should be made more crispy.


Starters : Non-Veg

Sarsone Mahi Kebab : Fish tikka sort of preparation in mustard based marniation. Nice fish starter, but I would like to see a more dominant use of the mustard flavor which otherwise was palely present.


Gosht Ke Gappe : This probably was, not exactly most innovative starter, but definitely a distinctive preparation for the evening. The name itself explains what is should be… Tender cooked mutton cubes and mint chutney used to prepare the Gappe’s… and I always wondered why no one ever tried something like it…  A little dry, so using a thinner chutney might help.

Murgh Malai Chandi Kebab : Nicely marinated juicy chicken cooked perfectly to retain the juiciness – perfectly mouth melting. Can’t really ask for anything better.

Murgh Malai Chandi Kebab

Main Course : Veg

Paneer Khurchan : Preparation of Paneer in a spicy rada masala thick gray. Decent preparation.


Bideshi Sabzi Desi Masala : A preparation that makes use of exotic vegetables like Brokoli, Baby corn, etc. in an Indian based gravy. Thought full addition into the menu. Somehow I felt that the combination of the used vegetable in an Indian gravy just doesn’t complement each other that well. Totally a personal thought, people may like and appreciate the dish as well as it is something new on the offer for veggies.


Jaitunne Bainghan Bharta : Use of olive oil to prepare the Bharta is what gives the dish a striking note in terms of flavor. Although I have used mustard oil a lot, but never thought of using olive oil to prepare Bharta. A definite must try preparation for the veggies.


Main Course : Non-Veg

Kadai Jhinga Amritsari : Although called Amritsari, the gravy apparently did not looked like one. The preparation overall however was pretty good.

Murgh Mirch Hara Pyaz : A traditional preparation of Chicken in typical chilly and spring onion based gravy. Cooked well with balanced flavors.


Rajwada Raj Ghost : A rajwada delicacy preparation. The lamb was succulent and gravy was soothing for the taste buds.


Raan-E-Baluchi : Nice to see another option of a place serving Raan. Lamb leg was tender and cooked to perfection post marination.


Ghost Dum Biryani : I am not a novice, but to be true first time I came across a Mutton Biryani that made used of Potatoes as well! Personally, I never like as well as appreciate the idea of using potatoes in a non-veg preparation. The rice seemed to be a little on dry side and biryani overall also seemed to be touch bland, mutton was succulent. So try it out yourselves and decide how it is.



I am not a very big fan of desserts, hence cannot comment much for them. Try and judge for yourselves. But for the sake of completion, following desserts were served:

Khubhani Ka Meetha : A dessert from Hyderabad being served in Pune. Looked attractive and as per fellow foodie’s feedback, tasted very good as well. But belonging to the dessert category, not my cup-of-tea 😀

Khubhani Ka Meetha

Flaming Gulab Jamun : Looking at their sizes, for a person like me who is not very fond of desserts it will take atleast 6-8 persons to finish one… Size must be larger than a cricket ball, really KING SIZED. And set on flame by using brandy on the top.

We got the opportunity to look at their menu, but until I visit it next time, it will be hard to comment about the place providing value for money or not.

But overall it was a very great experience with food. So definitely a must try as to my knowledge I found it the only good fine dining option for a place serving North Indian food in the area, the others being pretty disappointing.


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