Restaurant Review: Siddha’s Cafe, Salunke Vihar Road, Pune

Restaurant Name: Siddha’s Cafe,  Salunke Vihar Road, Pune

Date of Visit: 25th June 2016

Fisrt and foremost, a big thanks to the owner Vannet Bhalla for inviting us for a food tasting session at his cafe with such an unperturbed ambiance.

Siddha means enlightened, peace, spirituality, hence named so. The concept of the Cafe is for those who want to  spent some quality time in peace with may be reading, music, art, etc. The location itself provides a much needed serene ambiance, the interiors along with the sitting facility just supplementing the basic concept of the cafe further.

The cafe has a nice book shelf with wide range of books well classified. Interested in playing CHESS, playing Guitar, they are available too !!! Free WIFI, charging points just add to the facility.

Coming to the food, it’s a pure veg place (no specific reasons for that) and covers a wide range of cuisine from South Indian snacks, North Indian thali, Pasta, Sandwiches, Desserts and Beverages (both Hot and Cold). So basically it offers a wide range  of options from Light hunger to meals to Desserts to keep your appetite busy while mind is resting or busy with some refreshing activity 🙂 .

The food that we had included Jeera Soda, Kala Khatta drink, Oreo Shake, Honey-Ginger-Lemon tea, Manchow Soup, Medu Wada Sambar, Veg Mayo Sandwich, Mushroom Chilly Fry, Cheese Balls, Cheese Burst Bombs, Veg Pasta (Pink pasta), Veg Briyani, Veg Thali, Chocolate fudge Sunday, Banana Split, Fruits Sunday. Nothing really to complaint about them, some very basic cafe food stuff. Some of the things needed minor improvements with the perspective to add extra dimension to the flavor. Those were communicated to the owner. Hope to see them implemented soon.

The exceptions, which were loved the most, from the items served were:

Honey-Ginger-Lemon Tea : A really refreshing hot drink. The ingredients were very well balanced and complemented each other really well. I can finish an entire novel sipping it for the entire day 😀

Honey-Ginger-Lemon Tea

Veg Pasta : Basic yet delicious.

Cheese Balls : Crispy and absolutely awesome. The cheese stuffing needed an extra dimension to its flavor as it otherwise was flat. My personal favorite for the day.

Banana Split : Excellent in presentation as well as preparation. A must have.

Fruits Sundae : Loved it till the core shearly because of its  Tutti-Frutti content 😉

Rest of the following items were pleasing as well. Nothing really to complain about.

Enter a caption
Oreo Shake

Crunchy Vada with Sambar

Mushroom Chilly Fry
Coleslaw Sandwich

Cheese Burst Bombs (Specialty of the week)

Veg Biryani

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Other Delicacies

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Siddha’s Cafe

From first impression from the menu, it definitely looks a place which gives you a VFM, taking into consideration the quality of food as well as the ambiance provided.

Definitely a must visit place !!!

Links of the Cafe on various social platforms.
(#SiddhasCafe, @SiddhasCafe, @siddhascafe)

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