Restaurant Review: Grillicious, Baner, Pune

Restaurant Name: Grillicious, Shroff Suyash, Near Union Bank Of India, PK Shroff Road, Baner, Pune

Date of Visit: 12th November 2016


An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event 🙂

With so many dine-out places coming up in Baner area, Grillicious seems to be the one that one can bet on to enjoy sumptous food with friends as well as family. By the eating adventurous that we had at this place, we can easily refer to it as Delicious 😉  A very very fine afternoon spent with food, fellow-foodies as well as the owners (Swapna Goyal, Ajit Goel and Anish Bhanwadia  ) of the place.

To begin with the afternoon, the food-tasting menu’s were provided to us. That itself was a pre-indicative to a very organised event that we were suppose to experience.

Beverages :

To begin with, the Ginger Berry Glacier  that I opted to have turned out 1the best, atleast for me . The consist Berry flavor with a subtle ginger texture makes it a must have entity. A dominant ginger might otherwise make it vert uncomfortable to have for lot of peoples.

Green Apple and Lime Glacier (left) and Ginger Berry Glacier (right)

The Green Apple and Lime Glacier was a little disappointing as it lacked that distinct flavor of either Green Apple or the Lime. So this needs to be worked on a little. Else the presentation was perfect.

The Watermelon And Hazelnut Capiroska, having dominant yet consistent watermelon flavor, is another great beverage that can be opted for.

Lemongrass and Mint Mojito

The Lemongrass And Mint Mojito was also very nicely prepared. Its been a long time since I had such a good Mojito which suits my taste-buds perfectly – a dominant lemon flavor and not too sweet.


Soups :

The undoubted winner for the day was the Smoked Mushroom Soup. Independent of whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, its a must try entity if you happen to be visiting Grillicious. The consistently induced smoky aroma makes the soup an absolute delicacy to consume.

Smoked Mushroom Soup

The Paya Dhania Shorba, was also nicely prepared with consistent flavor of the Paya broth. Just made perfectly as one would expect a Paya Shorba to be.

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The Murgh Adraki Shorba was also pretty nicely done but nothing really special in it to elaborate about.

Starters :

The Masala Papad Plater , served upfront, turned out to be a complete entertainer that kept all of engaged, and not to forget managed to keep our mouth shut, during it’s entire existence span on the table 😀 Quite innovatively done, not in terms of the masala papad itself, but trying to present the same as a platter instead of a ready made entity. Turns out to be an absolute fun on the table. An humble request – Please, please, please do indulge yourself into it. Both the sauces served namely, garlicky mayo and green chutney, were nicely prepared and the condiments available were boondi, masala, chopped onions and tomatoes and not to forget a variety of papad’s.

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Potato 2 Ways : Masala french fries served with dip prepare using mashed Potatoes with Parmesan @ Cheddar cheese. The name obviously evolves by the two way used of potatoes. The dip, as per the entities used to prepare it, is obvious will not be very strong, but goes well with the fries.


Mac n Cheese Samosa : Samosa’s filled with Macaroni and Cheese, as simple as that. Good the the samosa’s weren’t oily but crispy enough. Although bland in itself, but goes really well and should be had along with the chutney served alongside with it.

Green Mango Paneer Tikka : It was intended to be Panner tikka made using spicy marinade layered with sweetness of mango pulp and hint of green mango flavor. So essentially three flavors namely spicy, sweet and touch sour, are infused. But unfortunately, too heavy usage of chilli powder in the final serving suppressed the other two flavors. So the balance needs to be there and consistency needs to be attained. My memory still relishes with the same entity being served by Anish Bhanwadia at 121 Kitchen : BBQ which was bang on target.

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American Smoked BBQ Wings : The wings were cooked and smoked to perfection, not overdone. The BBQ sauce was a touch on sweeter side, but it’s only a matter of personal comfort. But at the end of the day, they are amazing to try out for.

Spicy Thai Red Chicken Tikka : To being with, it was not at all spicy, but again its personal. When I see spicy, I expect it to be really spicy 😀 Others may well enjoy it. The chicken otherwise were soft and succulent and well cooked. So another good starter which you can enjoy.

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Sundried Tomato Italiano Chicken Tikka : The tikka was prepared well, but really nothing ,much to elaborate about. The use of Sundried Tomatoes, gives it a touch tangy flavor.

Grilled Jamaican Jerked Chicken : Again a very good chicken starter to try out for.

Main Course :


Malai Panner Nawabi : The serving looks very colourful. The gravy has nice and distinctive flavors of creamy sauce, garlic and coconut milk and the Paneer was fresh and soft. So must try for veggies.

Mushroom Afgani : Slightly on the spicier side, compared to the Malai Panner Nawabi, due to the Northwest frontier based Garam Masala used.

Kacchi Dal Tadka : To concise, Theee one out-of-the box veg serving for the day ! As calimed by the owners, it is prepared using and in-house Kacchi masala that used 37 hand pounded spices ! Well I cannot authenticate this by any means, but the final product served tasted homely ans was really amazing. A must have bowl on the table 🙂

Butter Chicken Lasagna : Everything served at Grillicious seems to have an Indianised touch to it and so does this Lasagna which uses Butter Chicken. It lacks the much needed juiciness, else everything seems to work fine with the adaption.

Murgh Kalimiri Kebab Pie : Pie cups filled with Kalimiri Tikkas. And the gravy made using lamb trotters adds an extra dimension as well as compliments the Chicken Pie. Also the papad added alongside goes well with the pie.


Kebab Pulao Chicken : Just in case if you are bored having Biryani’s this is something which you should really look out or. Biryani served with Grilled Chicken and Creamy Gravy makes it an absolutely delicious serving. Again a must try variation.


Desserts :

No meal can be complete sans desserts. And so how can a food tasting event be done without them !

Motichoor Gulab Jamun Rabdi Parfait : Motichoor and Rabdi mixed together and topped with Gulab Jamun. A full sweet affair !!!

Banana Split Bites : Combination of Banana, Marshmallow and Brownie on a stick dripped with Chocolate and Nuts gives a nice presentation to a very good and innovative dessert.

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Oreo Pie : A must have dessert for chocolate lovers. For me, use of Salted Caramel layer, sandwiched between Oreo Pie and Dark Chocolate, makes the dessert absolute heavenly.

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Apple Pie Fitters : Batter fried Apple Sticks served on top of Vanilla Ice-cream makes another great dessert to enjoy the post-meal session.

Apple Pie Fitters

At Grillicious, they have also tried to introduce the Community Barbecue concept, common in Australia. Just one such event organised until now. The idea is random people cumming together to grill the food, sharing their culinary skills, and no to forget to have fun, make new friends. Eagerly looking forward to attend atleast on such event.

The #FoodProwl gang with Swapna and Ajit

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