Restaurant Review: Effingut Brewerkz, Baner, Pune

Restaurant Name: Effingut Brewerkz, 4 – Deron Heights, Next to Ranka Jewellers, Baner, Pune

Date of Visit: 10th December 2016

An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event 🙂


I guess, for any beer lover in Pune, Effingut needs no introduction also writing a review might be trivial. Introduction to Effingut’s new outlet at Baner might be the only salutary information that can really be added. Definitely the place at Baner looks much bigger in-terms of number of people it can accommodate as well as a great ambiance with both indoor as well as outdoor seating, which is not very huge, available.


And Manu Gulati and his knowledge and love for beers , atleast for those frequently visiting Effingut, again need-no-popularization. It was great fun to get some knowledge about beers, breweries from our preacher for the day aka Manu Gulati.


Craft Beers and Beer Cocktails : From all their crafted beers like Apple Cider, Strawberry Cider, Peach Ginger Melomel, Berliner Weisse, Hefeweizeu, Marzen Lager, Extra Special Bitter and Citrus Burst IPA that were served to us, the best to my liking were Peach Ginger Melomel and Hefeweizeu. The beer cocktails that we had were First Dose At Effingut, Safe Sex On The Beer, Green Monster, Black Fogg and Beer Rock. The First Dose At Effingut prepared using Whisky, Vodka, White Rum, Apple Cider and Cranberry Juice, might actually be the last dose for tons of amateurs out there 😉 shearly because its contents, but suits the best to my liking. So handle your First Dose At Effingut with care 😀

Starters :

Gun Powder Onion Rings

Gun Powder Onion Rings : Crispy battered Onion rings with gun powder make it a very good starter for the veggies. Additional gun powder can be provided as siding.

3 Cheese Quesadillas

3 Cheese Quesadillas : A must have starter for the veggies. Nice topping and consistent flavor of cheese to enjoy every bite of it.


Smoked Red Chilli Paneer : The usual Paneer Tikka, mildly smoked. Nothing can and should go wrong with it.


Bacon Wrapped Prawn & Sausages : An absolute delicacy produced by quiet an innovative concept which can be enjoyed to the core. Doesn’t need any explanation.


Kung Hom Pha

Kung Hom Pha : The Prawns were fried perfectly with the batter to make it a very crispy starter.



EFFZZA : Another great innovation on offer at Effingut, a variation of stuffed pizza I can say. Both Steak Style Paneer Effzza and Steak Styled Chicken Effzza were excellent. The presentation itself look very elegant. Crusty exterior with very well prepared stuffing, both Paneer and Chicken based, make the Effzza an absolute delicacy to try out.

Main Course :

Both Cheese Makhani and Murgh Dhaniya were very well prepared and no complaints 😀


Thai Chilli Rice : Consistent in infused flavor of lemon grass, a must have. The flavor is so homogeneous that you will not need any siding or gravy with it.


Seafood Pasta in Saffron Sauce

Seafood Pasta in Saffron Sauce : An already recommended dish on menu by Shyam Sharma it consists of Calamari, Prawns and Fish cooked in Saffron Sauce. Forget the seafood ingredients, Pasta in Saffron Sauce itself should be sufficient. Wonder if they serve any veg counterpart of the same ! If not, they should add a veg variant to the menu. Uniformly infused aroma of saffron in the sauce makes the pasta really enticing. Kudos to Shyam for having it on the recommended list.


Mutton Biryani : The most important part of the biryani was Mutton being very well cooked and the meat was tender. Under-cooked meat is the major issues that I had ran into at lot of places serving Mutton Biryani. Other that that the aroma of spices and flavors in the correct proportion were pretty consistent, making it a very good Mutton Biryani.

Desserts :


Beeramisu : Tiramisu with a twist of beer used to get Beeramisu 😉 Another absolute delicacy on the offer !!!


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Sizzling Brownie With Ice-cream : Absolutely amazing, nothing more to elaborate about it …

It eventually turned out to be an absolute fun/talks-filled, beer-filled and food-filled afternoon at Effin-Good aka Effingut.


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Restaurant Review : Effingut Brewerkz, Kharadi, Pune


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